For any questions, enquiries or comments, please feel free to contact the following members of our committee:

President: Alec Fry ~ T: 01­730 ­816­316     E: fry.alec @

Chairman: Sally Elborough ~ T: 07­xxx  ­xxx­xxx     E: sallyelborough @

Talks/Visits Secretary: Dru Furneaux~ T: 01­730 ­814­193     E: drufurneaux @

Membership Secretary: Mrs Anne Brockhurst (see Joining page for address) ~ T: 01­428 ­653­355

Newsletter Editor: Dru Furneaux ~ T: 07­910 ­335­073     E: drufurneaux @

Secretary: Frances Bassom ~ E: info @

Treasurer: Andy Tate ~ T: 01­428 ­707­588

WebPage & IT: Andy Tate ~ E: info @

If you have any questions or other problems on self sufficiency or animal husbandry, we can usually refer you to someone within the Group who is able to assist.

We also have a facebook group you can join and post questions there. See the bottom of our NEWS page for links.