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1978 - 2024

"Growing Together Self-Sufficiency group" (formerly EHSS) exists to enable and
encourage its members to practice self-sufficiency and self-reliance, and maintain
a 'sustainable life style' in a fast-changing worldwide environment"

Where & When we meet:-

Our indoor autumn & spring monthly talks are held on 2nd Wednesday of the month @ 19:30 for 20:00 start in:-

The Triangle Centre
Mill Road
LISS, Hampshire
GU33 7DX

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Visits & Talks:-


E10 petrol explained - including its use in Mowers and other horticultural equipment

Infinity Foods order [see recent newsletter & how to order via Tidda]
You can view the catalogue at Infinity Foods

Specialized SEEDS: The Real Seed Catalogue. ~ The place for Wonderful SEEDS !
An online catalogue of heirloom and heritage vegetable seeds specially chosen for the home gardener. No F1 hybrids here :-)
Their website is full of useful information about seeds and their little company's philosophy.

Germination V Soil Temperature ~ Tom Clothier's Garden Talk website is FULL of very informative charts & notes and is well worth a visit.


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Do you bid on eBay ? eBay Sniper
I can recommend the Gixen bidding service as it lets you group bids so that you can store bids for multiple items and the first of your bids that is successfull will cancel the rest (as long as they are at least 2min apart). Handy when someone has listed 6 chicken feeders separately and you only want one of them, any one of them.

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